Electrical distribution and generation expansion

  • Client: International brewery company
  • Nigeria
Electrical distribution and generation expansion
Case study

Services provided

  • Project management
  • Engineering and design
  • Electrical and instrumentation
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Value – £5.5 million.

The project

As a follow-up to our work expanding utilities at the plant in Ogba, we designed and delivered an 18-month turnkey project to reconfigure and expand the brewery’s electrical distribution and generation capacity. The goal was to support a production expansion from 2.7Mhl to 3.7Mhl output per annum. This included a site survey of existing distribution (11kV and 415Volt).

The electrical infrastructure included layout drawings, cable schedules, cable-sizing calculations, a protection fault study and an arc-flash survey. All materials were procured in the UK, packed and shipped by sea, and taken by road to the site in Nigeria (DAP).

The installation was carried out by Nigerian electrical contractors, supervised by an on-site supervision team from the UK.

The challenge

With such a large phased expansion, it was critical to ensure attention to its impact on the services and utilities supporting the infrastructure of the brewery, with a focus on generation, distribution and point of use.

The outcome

As part of an innovative, robust and efficient utility system, allowing for flexibility in future expansions, we took the electrical capacity of the brewery’s infrastructure from 4MW to 6.5MW.

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